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Soil fraction analysis

soil testing


Do you have cracks or subsidence in your home? Within Fula's laboratory, the supplied soil samples are tested for the composition of the soil, the grain size of each fraction, the stability and the bearing capacity of the soil type. This way you know whether the surface is suitable and whether there are any influences.


The soil samples are subjected to a number of standardised tests to determine the soil type. From this, the stability and load-bearing capacity can be determined.

The following parameters can be determined:

grain investigation
Grain distribution
  • Soil type name USCS
  • Sieve fraction analysis
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation test
  • Yield limit WP
  • Shrinkage limit WK
  • Water content W
  • Adhesive border
  • Saturation and degree of saturation
  • Permeablility test
  • Colour
  • Odor
  • Organic matter
  • Lime Content
  • Wet weight P
  • Dry weight Pd
  • Microscopic examination
  • Macro research

Submit an inquiry

Do you want to have a thorough analysis executed? The, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the inquiry and complete it. You need to deliver the completed document to Fula by email or together with the samples.
  2. Take a sample of 200 gr of soil and put this in a sterile bag or jar. Multiple samples at different depths can be interesting.
  3. Provide each sample with a clear label.
  4. Send the samples to Fula bv, Heppensesteenweg 57, 3945 Ham, Belgium

Contact us for additional information.

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