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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of the website of Fula

Fula values your privacy

This privacy policy is last edited on 14th may 2018

Fula is aware of your concern in connections to your personal data which you entrust us through this website. This privacy policy explains which kind of information is collected and checked on the website, how the information is used and with whom the information is shared. U can check the principles of the privacy of Fula, where is explained how Fula engages itself to protect the privacy of clients and employees online and offline. Is case of irregularities, in relation to this policy and the principles of privacy concerning online privacy, the regulations of this policy is in effect.

Collection of data.
Fula collects two kinds of information about the users of this website; “Personal Information” (among which , but not limited to, your name, telephone number and e-mail address) and non-personal information and anonymous “Collective Information” (like information about the number of users on our website). Only when you voluntary provide us this information or when the information is collected through cookies on the way described in this policy, Fula will not collect “personal information” in relation to your use of this website.
Please read this agreement carefully so you can determine the correctness of every personal information of you we have at our disposal and also check how you can request Fula to adjust or destroy your personal data.
To meet your request of information, we ask you to pass your name, title, company to which you are connected, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You can also on completely voluntary basis pass us the optimal time we can contact you, the yearly income of the company you are connected to, the number of employees of the company your connected to, and other relevant information [when this information is applicable to the information you request of us].

Use of collected data.

We will use the information you give us to (a) answer your specific requests; (b) at your request, send you additional information in relations to Fula and our services you might find interesting; (c) in the management of the website and (d) like explained in this agreement; (e) for general corporate purposes like administration, marketing and sales; (f) in context of possible or actual fusion, take-over or sale of the total company or a part of it; (g) to meet the law and policy.
Fula can form time to time transfer your Personal Information to marketing advisers, in which case the advisers will be prohibited to use your personal data unless the data they need to assist Fula in sales of its services and products. They will be demanded to follow the regulations of this agreement.

Use of cookies

General – When you visit our website, information regarding your browser type, system, IP-address and domain name through which you got access to our website,  is collected. Furthermore, we can collect information regarding your controlling behaviour, like the number of times you visited our website, the date you visited our website and the time you spend on our website. Furthermore, Fula can check your reactions on advertisements, e-mails and content of the website to determine if you are qualified to receive HTML-based e-mails, to determine how many users read their e-mail and to allow our server to keep statistics in relation to an e-mail campaign of Fula. This information is strictly used for intern purposes, in particular for managing our website and to improve it. It is also an aid to adjust our communication to your needs to which we can improve our service and usability of our website. The collection of this kind of information, either by us, either through data-collectors is submissive to regulations like described in this agreement.

The use of GIF documents – In addition to our own cookies, we use Pixels or transparent GIF documents on our website to manage our online marketing better through advertisements and e-mails.  These GIF documents will be supplied by one or more service providers, depending on our indications in relation to their goal. The documents allow us and our service providers to find out which advertisements and e-mails brought you to our website and how you use our website.

Examples of how Fula and our third service providers use these GIF documents, contain:

  • Check the reactions of clients on our advertisements, e-mails and the content of the website;
  • Determine your possibility to receive a-mail messages on HTML basis. This possibility helps us and our service providers to send you e-mails in the format you can read;
  • The be able to check the number of users who open the e-mail, so our service providers can deliver joint statistics concerning e-mail campaigns.
  • Allowing us to adjust our online interaction to improve our customer service and technical functions of our website and offers and promotions of which we assume they interest you, this only with your approval to receive such e-mails.

To carry out these or other activities, your personal data which you gave us previously (like your name and e-mail address), is linked to the information about how you got to our website and how you left our website, which is provided us through the GIF documents.

The right to refuse cookies.

On your first visit to our website you get the possibility by pop-up box to accept of refuse the use of cookies. You get information about which cookies Fula uses on the website, as well as information about how you can manage the use of cookies. You can choose to decline the use of cookies. However, this can lead to limitation of the usage possibilities of the website.

Data we release.

By applicable law, your personal data will be passed on and shared by us and our service providers (as explained below):

  • Between Fula and her related companies;
  • To non-related third parties which are contacted for certain services for or on behalf of Fula (service providers), and of these third parties is required that they maintain your data confidentially. (ex. Aspects of the treatment of Intellectual Property of Fula for this website or other sellers which provide services of the nature to which is referred to in this privacy policy).
  • To a third party in relations to a suggested of effective sale, merger or transmission of the whole or partly company or department;
  • To other people who are allowed or are demanded to require the data on basis of the applicable law or rules.

Every access to such information will be limited to the target to which such information is provided to us or our service providers. Fula, her related companies and service providers are located worldwide. Accordingly your Personal Data can be transferred to countries where there is an other level of privacy protection in affect, then that of Belgium or your country or whereabouts.  For example, in case you require Fula to conduct services which will be executed in France of the Netherlands, Fula will forward your request to the location of Fula in these countries. Fula will, on your request, notify you detailed to which companies and countries your data will be forwarded.

Links and websites of third parties.

This policy document is only applicable to this website. On this website you can find links to our related websites as well as to websites not related to us. These links contain access to the content, products and services of such related and not-related websites. In some cases the access to our websites goes through a “seamless experience” and the websites seam to be part of our website. However some of the entities that control these websites are contacted by Fula, we urge you to inform yourself concerning the privacy policy and other regulations for every website connected to our website, before submitting personal data.

How can you choose to no longer receive messages from Fula.

You are entitled to request Fula to:

  • Provide you with a copy of your personal data which it possesses;
  • Stop the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes, in whole or partially, like you indicate;
  • Correct every fault in your personal data;
  • Adjust your personal data where necessary.

When you would like a copy of your personal data which we have in our system and which is provided us by our website, or when you no longer want to receive messages in relation to marketing, please send us a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or written to the Marketing Department of Fula on Heppensesteenweg 57, 3945 Ham, Belgium. If this information is wrong or incomplete, please inform us by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will take the necessary steps to correct this immediately (unless there is further information necessary to carry out this request). U can also request to delete your name and other personal data out of our files. In every previous scenario, we will take reasonable steps to complete your request immediately, except legal or other limiting regulations.

Notification of changes.

Fula can, on own initiative, adjust this policy on every moment on a regular way through publishing the adjusted policy document on this website. If we make any significant changes to this policy document in relations to the use of your personal data, we will notify you through e-mail or letter and you will be offered the choice to decline the adjusted policy document. Once the adjustments are in effect, every new collected information will be submitted to the regulations of the new policy document. (If you accept the new policy document, your personal data will be used in agreement to this new policy document. When you choose to decline the new policy document, your personal data will be used in agreement to the previous policy document). If there are no significant changes, which influence our treatment of your personal data, made on this policy document then the revised policy document will be in force from the moment of publication. In that case your visit to or use of our website will be seen as an acceptance of the revised policy document. If you requested to receive marketing or other materials, and if you receive electronic messages from us regularly, it is possible the changes to our policy document will be forwarded you by e-mail. We recommend you to consult this page on the website regularly and especially before passing along your personal data through this website. This policy document can exclusively be changed with written permission of Fula. The last adjustment to this policy document took place on 15th may 2018.
Fula takes great value in carefully dealing with your personal data. For this Fula has imported a policy and procedures in connection the technology and security , which are adjusted to the nature of the data, to prevent the risk of accidental destruction or loss, or the not-permitted announcement or unauthorized access to such data. Personal data collected through this website will be kept on servers in the United Stated of America and in Belgium, these servers are submitted to the IT-security policy and procedures of Fula. If your whereabouts are in another jurisdiction you need to be aware that once your personal data is collected, these will be transferred to our servers, and that the United States of America on this moment doesn’t yet have an unified law on data protection.

Access, means, enforcement and accountability

If you have any questions or complaints about the compliance of this privacy policy or if you wish to use your right to insight, information, improvement, addition, deletion, protection or resistance, we urge you to contact us. We will investigate and try to solve any complaints and disputes in relation to this policy.

Necessary data transfer

Fula can transfer personal data if this is necessary to comply to a legal obligation or to comply to a regularly request by the national authorities of a country. This includes: the national safety and maintenance of the law or protection of our rights and/or properties.


Fula takes great value in the safety of children which use the internet and will never intentionally collect personal data of minors (children under the age of 13 or every other age determined by the local law)[without previous and verifiable parental consent]. If we notice that a minor tries to provide personal data or provides personal data through our website, we will delete every such personal data out of our data files.
Questions regarding this policy.
If you have questions regarding this privacy policy, you can contact us at +32 11 18 21 21. You can also contact us through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by letter Fula bv, Heppensesteenweg 57, 3945 Ham, Belgium.

The principles of privacy of Fula.

Fula commits to the following:

  • Fula will limit the collection of data to which we find necessary. Fula collects data of her appreciated costumers, which gives Fula the opportunity to manage the costumer files, create marketing data in relation to the service providers and the products of Fula, to offer “white pages” with articles that can be useful for costumers, to receive certain information to manage and improve the website of Fula, and to meet every necessary jurisdictional demands. Our costumers will be notified by us about the kind of information we collect and also op which way this information will be used. Fula collects data of her appreciated employees, which gives Fula the opportunity to manage employee privileges and related employee provisions, this for personnel policy and personnel training and for immigration purposes, and also to meet every necessary jurisdictional demands.
  • Customers need to indicate whether they accept the policy document or not before Fula can use the information of costumers who are on the website. You can choose if you provide Fula with information which it can use with the purpose of sending you information, either by telephone, by fax or e-mail. On any moment you have the choice to determine you no longer want to let Fula use your data and Fula will to its best abilities cease to process to previous provided personal data. Concerning the offline activities of Fula, a customer can let Fula know by simply written request that he/she no longer wants the extra information. (the choice of which determines that you no longer want Fula to use this data) and Fula will to its best abilities comply to such request.
  • Fula uses safety procedures. Fula makes sure that every reasonable technical and organizational measures are taken which it finds fitting and in conformity to the nature of the personal data which our customers or employees provide Fula. Fula strives to avoid unauthorised access, maintain a correct data file, ensure that there will not be unlawfully use of data and that the professional industrial standards are maintained as protection to the loss, abuse or adjustment of the data which Fula has available for its services and data processing.
  • Release of information. Besides the use of the data of customers of employees to comply to certain requests of its respectively customers or employees, Fula provides the to its provides data if this is demanded by the law or by law regulations. In addition Fula can provide certain data, to its related companies or not-related third parties which are contracted by Fula to provide certain services for or on behalf of Fula (service providers). (Which are held to policy regulations regarding the privacy and the use of your personal data). Also, data can be provided to third parties in relation to a proposed or effective sale, merger or transmission of a part of the company or department.
  • The expectations of Fula from its service providers. The service providers of Fula can have access to the personal data files of Fula provided by our customers or employees, to provide certain services to Fula. Fula expects that these service providers keep to the principles of privacy like explained in this policy, when gaining access to the personal data of customers or employees. As a part of the procedure for selection of its service providers which it accepts as business partners, the connection to privacy and safety plays an important role.
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